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Yes,   this   was   the   World’s   First   “Talking   Magazine”   for   the   radio broadcasting   business.   It   was   in   business   from   1972   through 1974   before   the   innovator   of   the   publication   ran   out   of   gas, physically   and   emotionally.   There   are   only   two   original   Volume 1,   Issue   1   remaining   in   this   collection   and   they’ve   never   been on   a   turntable.   So,   if   you   have   a   strong   interest   in   what   the   biz’ of   indepenent   radio   and   great   personalities   were   like   during that   time   NOW   is   the   time   to   grab   this   genious   publication   while it’s    still    available.    This    is    a    collector’s    piece..something    to LEARN from.