Donít tell God how big your storm is tell the storm how BIG your God is
PD - July 1974
History,   education,   inspiration,   thought   provoking..that’s   PD.   If   you   are   looking for   creativity   well   here’tis   in   a   two   lp   album   issue;   lots   of   material   here.   You have   radio   jocks   during   a   time   when   creativity   ran   amock.   There’s   quite   a   bit extra   as   well,   “News”   with   a   different   approach   is   one.   Enlarge   the   table   of contents   for   a   good   looksee   at   what’s   available   in   this   issue.   There’s   only   one one   set   of   the   collector’s   edition   albums   left,   but   in   each   CD   you   also   have   the printed   graphics   available   at   the   original   size;   everything   totally   readable   as with    the    original    issue.   Available    are    many    radio    stations    in    “Around    The Country,”   an   “Oldie”   from   1969   featuring   Jack   Gale,   one   of   the   greats   of   the time,   wild   humor   with   one   of   the   best   of   the   best,   Coyote   McCloud.   Your creativity only begins here.  This is a great package for the consumate Pro.
CD DISC of  Original PD Including all graphics of the original album. Will fill computer screen for reading as originally intended. Pricing: $32.00 each plus shipping Shipping: $7.50 each, $3.00 additional Priority Mail Insured - U.S.P.S.